Hey guys!

Hope you all had a great weekend…

The Surf and Turf was amazing yesterday!

Thanks to everyone who came out to support!

This weather is incredible for outdoor training.


We will kick off the week with an all body weight strength ladder session.

Warm up with a two round kettlebell circuit.

Here are your body weight ladders

Do one round of each couplet at your own pace…

Couplet 1: Alternate between the two movements for 15 minutes

  • Push ups 1-5  or 2-10 reps (add weight or change the variation to make it more difficult as you go down in reps)
  • Pull ups 1-5 or 2-10 reps  (assisted,ring assisted, regular or weighted) vary the grips if needed.

Take a 3 minute rest between couplets

Couplet 2: Alternate between the two movements for 15 minutes

  • Abdominal choice (roll outs, walkouts,swing set,hanging etc…) 2-10 reps
  • Pistols or assisted pistols 1-5 on each leg

Have a great week!!