Body Weight Strength Progress

Hey Training Room family, when it comes to training, its always about progress and NOT perfection.

Progress in the gym will lead to progress outside of the gym in any fun physical activity you engage in such as running, biking, or even skiing or surfing.

We should use the gym as a means of getting better at the things you love to do outside of the gym.

Speaking of outside…
As the weather gets nice, we look forward to bringing our workouts outdoors in the fresh Jersey Shore air.

Each time you do a certain exercise in the gym, you should try to get just a little bit better at it.

What do YOU want to get better at?

Let’s hear it in the comments folks!

Here’s your body weight strength circuit for Friday!

10-1 ladders for thirty minutes

Body Weight Strength and Conditioning Circuit for 30 Minutes…

  • pull-ups or ring rows
  • Alternate leg lunge options or step up/down options 1/1-10/10
  • pushups or dips
  • Superman’s or Leg curls (sliders, power wheel, ball or suspended)
  • Ab choice
  • Cardio choice 100-10 revoloutions on the jump rope, 50-5 Jumping jacks, or 10-1 calories in the rower, ski erg or any of the bikes

Have some fun with this and have one heck of a Friday!