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I know I sound like a broken record (some of you may even be too young to know what that means)

We need to get everyone signed up for the Winter Challenge.

You won’t believe what we have planned for you guys!

This event will crush!

Hope your ready.

Thursday will be all body weight…

It will go like this Upper body pull, lower body push, upper body push, ab movement, active rest…

We will go off intervals to keep the group flowing efficiently.

15 seconds work/15 seconds rest of the following body weight circuit…

10 rounds=25 minutes

  • Swings
  • Ring rows
  • Plank, walkouts,power wheel, knees to chest ext…
  • Pistol or assisted pistol or split left
  • Pistol or assisted pistol or split right
  • Push ups

I know I’ve posted this advanced push up variation before.

Give it a try if you are strong enough.