Body Weight Strength Workout for Friday.

Here’s your body weight strength workout.

There will be adaptations for both beginners and advanced students.

Keep working hard and moving forward.

Don’t be afraid to try out new movements or ask questions.

30/30 x 5 rounds

Body weight strength (circuit style)

  • Push-up or dips
  • superman’s or low back extension or reverse hyper, standing or wall supported hinges
  • Pull-ups (bw, band, ring)
  • Split squat, pistol, step downs, drop-ins
  • Ab choice

Finisher: Pick one item

  • cardio calories
  • burpees
  • kettlebell sport choice

20 /16/12/8/4  reps or calories

Alternate with a partner or do 1/1 work rest.

Have a great weekend!