Bodyweight and Kettlebell Strength Sets

Training Room Family!

MANASQUAN is kicking off some Athlete Training starting THIS WEEK!  Wednesday and Friday at 4:30pm Outside in the newly cleaned, polished and trimmed courtyard.  You can find and sign up for the Manasquan Athlete Class HERE (notice the time changes each week).  We will most likely have a 10am class once school is out as a morning option.  Brian is the BEST with keeping those kids on TRACK to greatness!

Wednesday’s workout is A and B Strength Sets.

Each Set is 5 Minutes of non-stop work! 

You will complete 4 Total Rounds resting 1 Minute between each 5 Minute Circuit.

The timer will run at 30 Second intervals – completing Left and Right sides of each exercise.

Circuit A – Bodyweight:

  • Pistols, step downs, shrimp squats, lunges (30 L/30 R)
  • 1 Arm Push up (30 L/30 R) or Alternating shoulder taps (1 min)
  • Hip Bridge (30 L/30 R)
  • 1 arm ring rows (30 L/30 R)
  • Ab Choice (1 min)

Circuit B – Kettlebell or Dumbell:

  • Weighted goblet squats or split squats (30 L/30 R)
  • 1 arm Press (30 L/30 R)
  • Single leg deadlifts (30 L/ 30 R)
  • 1 arm rows (30 L/ 30 R)
  • Walkouts (1 min)


Pick 5 cardio exercises and do each one for 1 minute or 5 minutes Kettlebell sport choice!

Let’s GO…

Group Training Courtyard Classes on Wednesday:

Here’s the link for 7 am LIVE or watch anytime Later!