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Classic Bodyweight or Kettlebell Strength

Let’s start the week STRONG with some Training Room Bodyweight or Kettlebell Strength Intervals

We hope you all enjoyed the weekend with you families!

It has been nice seeing SO MANY PEOPLE outside walking and taking their time.  It feels like people are less in a “rush” to get somewhere or “be” somewhere and it is a nice time to reflect.

That being said, we do miss seeing you at The Training Room and we hope you are taking advantage of our workouts and online streaming of classes!  Let us know what you want to see or learn and we will try to deliver everything we can!

Monday’s Strength Workout can be any variation of Bodyweight or Kettlebell Exercises.

If you don’t have a Kettlebell at home you can always use a household product, such as a gallon of water or laundry detergent.  They both work amazingly well and if you’re outside your neighbors might catch on and join you… from a distance!

Your Workout Intervals are 20 seconds Work / 10 seconds Hold

You will do the following Circuit for 4 Rounds (right side & left side):

  • Clean or Superman / rack or hold
  • Press or Push-up / Overhead hold or plank
  • Split Squat / hold
  • Row / hold
  • Walkout / Hold

Repeat other side!  = 1 Round

Your Finisher is 20 work /10 easy jumping jacks or run in place 

You will do 2 Rounds!

  • Swings or broad jump
  • Squat Thrusts or Knee Tucks
  • Air or Drop Squats
  • Mountain Climbers or Crawl
  • Run in Place or Jump Rope
Watch us LIVE at 7am on MONDAY!
We had some technical difficulties while filming the LIVE stream, so there are 2 parts to the video. GO below to view part 1 and part 2.