Bodyweight Strength!

Team Training Room!  We can’t wait for this Bodyweight Strength Workout.

It looks like Manasquan got an outdoor training upgrade over the weekend.  We have overcome MANY obstacles to continuing to improve and provide you with the best that we can for all things fitness, strength and training for health, sport or recreation!

Let’s have some awesome workouts this week!

Here’s Monday’s Bodyweight STRENGTH Workout:

Lots of options for YOU tomorrow!

We will go over many of them and if you have ANY questions feel free to ask!

10 reps x 25min:!)

  1. Squats, Single leg Squat variations, lunges, split squats, Goata drop ins (give these a try!)
  2. Ring rows, ring assisted pull-ups, pullups, etc…
  3. Supermans, hip bridge, Leg curls (rings, wheels, scooters…)
  4. Push-up or inverted press (any variations…) 
  5. Ab choice

Finisher: 10-1 burpees!  This one you will alternate with a partner as you ladder down.

TR AT HOME: Classic Strength Workout


  1. Cleans, Single leg deadlift, static hip bridge, hinges, power wheel leg curls
  2. Press ( strict, push, floor, 1arm, med ball)
  3. Split squat, stepups, lunges
  4. Ab (TGU, windmill, plank, rotational or side bends…)

Here’s the Link for Monday!