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Bodyweight Strength Circuit

Thursday is a great strength workout!  Let’s put in the effort while making it fun!

Warm up with some joint mobility and either a circuit or stationary warm up to get the joints nice and loose and increase the heart rate!

30 Minutes on the Clock… 10 reps per exercise!

Repeat as many quality rounds as you can get in 30 Minutes!

Bodyweight Strength Circuit

  • push up choice or dip
  • superman’s, hip bridge or ring leg curl
  • ring row or pull-up
  • Squat choice
  • Ab choice
  • 10 calories cardio choice

Here’s a Video Workout for all of you at home or out of town:

Kettlebell and Bodyweight A & B Strength!  

Non-stop 30 second intervals x 5min x 4rds:

1min rest between circuits:

Workout A – Bodyweight

  1. Pistols, step-downs, shrimp, curtsey squats or GOATA Drop Ins L/R
  2. 1 arm push-ups L/R or Shoulder taps
  3. Hip bridge L/R 
  4. 1. arm ring row L/R 
  5. Ab choice

Workout B – Weighted

  1. weighted goblet or split squat L/R
  2. 1 arm press L/R 
  3. SL deadlift L/R
  4. 1 arm rows 
  5. Walkouts

Finisher: Pick 5 cardio exercises and do each one for 5min or 5min KB sport choice:

Here’s a home video strength workout: