Tuesday is Bodyweight Strength Day!

If you are a current Training Room Member you know our classes are filled with spirit, character and community!  We support each other daily and while the workouts are only a small part of the day, they have a great impact on many!  If you aren’t a current member, let us know how you incorporate our workouts into your schedule, training and active lifestyles!


60s Work/ 30s Rest  X 4 Rounds

  1. Single Arm Rings Rows (Left 30/ Right 30)
  2. Step-Ups or Step Downs (Left 30/Right 30)
  3. Single Arm Push Up – assisted using a ball, scooter, slider, staggered hands, etc. (30/30)
  4. Single Leg Curl (Slider), Hip Bridge or Bird Dog (30/30)
  5. Ab Choice (side plank 30/30, or two different choices)
  6. Easy Cardio (1 min)

Let’s set each other up for success!