Challenge Workout Friday!

We made it through another week of at home workouts!

As always, we are inspired by YOU as we create new challenging workouts each day.  Send us your favorites and we will get them on the schedule!

Saturday is our Pick your Poison Strength Workout where Training Room Members can send us their “exercise” of choice.  We will pick them out of a hat during the live workout!  Strength Day so be mindful to send appropriate exercises that can be done in someone’s house, with our without a Kettlebell!  We can’t wait!

In the meantime, we have a CONDITIONING CHALLENGE for you on Friday!

25 Minute Conditioning Challenge

Let’s set the clock for 25 Minutes and see what you’ve got to finish off a GREAT week of training!

  • 125 JR, 60 JJ’s or 250m cardio (run, row, bike – if you have them)
  • 5 pull-ups or 10 ring-rows
  • 125 JR, 60 JJs, or 250m cardio
  • 10 1/2 burpees
  • 250 cardio, 60 JJ’s, 250m cardio
  • 15 air sqauts
  • 125 JR, 60 JJs, or 250m cardio
  • 20 yd crawl or 20 Mt. Climbers (each side)

AMRAP = as many rounds as possible!

Here’s the live link 7am Friday: