30 Minute Calorie Challenge

Since Tuesday was/is a strength day, you know what Wednesday will bring…

YES, that right!

Wednesday is a challenge day, it’s a day to see what you can do!

ALSO, please make sure to take your recovery days.

ASK us about varying your intensities, listening to your body and proper recovery to prevent injury!

ALSO, don’t forget about the importance of proper hydration, nutrition and sleep!

We discussed this in the 5:15 AM class…

Who wants a mobility and recovery seminar??

There seems to be an interest in this (FREE to ALL members)

Here’s Wednesday’s challenge!

30 minutes of burning calories!

How many calories can you burn?

In this Thirty Minute Calorie Challenge, complete 20 calories than move to next exercise.

  • row
  • bike
  • ski erg
  • step-ups (2 steps=1 calorie)
  • Burpees 1 rep =1 calorie

NOTE: Running the building / 200 jump rope revolutions and 100 umping jacks can replace any exercise

If there is a large crowd we will have the option to do 60/30 x 5 round circuit!

Have a great Wednesday!

Hate burpees?

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