Reps and Calories

YES people Tuesday is a conditioning day. Lets do some quality reps and burn off a few calories.

SHOW UP and work your hardest and have some fun!

Pick 1 of 4 options listed below.

Go through this 1 time as fast as you can with great form.
  • 100 Burpees or  or calories on the ski erg
  • 100 step ups or swings
  • 100 yards crawl or mountain climbers or bicycles
  • 100 calories row


Here are your 4 options…

Choose them wisely and leave your ego at the door!

Level 1

Do everything straight through (very advanced)

Level 2

Do 2 rounds of 50 reps (advanced but doable for some of us)

Level 3

Do 4 rounds  of 25 reps (most of us can do this one)

Level 4

3 rounds of 20 reps (beginners)

REMEMBER…If burpees aren’t your thing, you can substitute squat thrusts or any slam.

AND light deads or can replace swings if needed.

Have a great Tuesday!