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Cardio Circuit!

Wednesday brings us ALL of the Cardio!

Reminder we have our Filthy Fifty Challenge in 1 WEEK!  July 21st at 5pm in Avon… There will be heats, so if you can’t make it at 5 you should still come!  Drinks and comradery to follow no doubt!

Let’s work hard, rest easy and repeat with this incredible cardio circuit workout!

Be mindful to max out your work time so that you NEED your rest time to recover for you next set!

You will do the following intervals Circuit Style:

  • 2min on 1min off
  • 1:30on 45sec off
  • 1min on 30sec off
  • 30sec on 15sec off

Here is your CIRCUIT:

  1. Row
  2. Bike
  3. Ski
  4. JR, JJ, Run, Steps, squat thrust, kettlebell sport, sled, etc.  

AND your Video Workout Awaits!!!!

Tabata Intervals

20 work /10 rest x 8 sets

Complete all 8 Sets before moving to the next!

  1.  Air squats, Drop Squats or Jump Squats
  2. One or Two Kettlebell or Dumbell Push-Press or Half Burpees or Shoulder Taps
  3. Sprint in place or quick low step-ups
  4. Swings, snatch, or Broad Jump
  5. Knees to chest or Bicycles
  6. Towel whip or Squat Thrusts

Finish with 1 x through each exercise 30 work /15 rest