Cardio Core

Friday at The Training Room brings us to a conditioning focus with a cardio core combo…

We will combine ALL of the essential conditioning tools with a mix of the most effective exercises to the engage the entire body as needed!

Here’s what it looks like!

Speaking of engaging the body…

The TUG is on Sunday!

Come out and support team Training Room as we defiend our title against the LIFT Gym!

You can also donate to Make a Wish Founation on our page here!

Back to Friday’s workout:

Your intervals will look like this…

  • 60/30
  • 50/25
  • 40/20
  • 30/15
  • 20/10

Here’s the Circuit:

  • Bulgarian Bag twist
  • Bike
  • Slam ball
  • Row
  • Plank or crawls
  • Ski erg

Have an amazing weekend!