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Cardio Couplets

Team Training Room we’ve got some Cardio Couplets for you on Thursday!

We hope you are enjoy the cooler outdoor training temps!  This time of year is always a reflective one as we transition into the change of seasons.  Let’s stay focused or renew our focus on getting in some good quality movement and heart healthy exercise!

We have a NEW Conditioning Workout for Thursday and we are looking forward to it!

Cardio Couplets – 3min On 1min Off

Alternate between two exercises every 30sets for 3 Minutes!

Rest 1min between couplets. 

Complete for a total of 2 Rounds!

Couplet # 1.

  • Air squat or step 
  • Mt. climbers or crawl

Couplet # 2.

  • Cardio choice easy 
  • Cardio Choice hard

Couplet # 3.

  • High or jump pulls
  • 1/2 burp or shoulder taps

Couplet # 4.

  • Cardio choice easy 
  • Cardio Choice hard


Here is a GREAT Cardio Intervals Workout!

  1. 30 on 15 off
  2. 60 on 30 off
  3. 1:30 on 45 off x 2 rounds

Here’s your circuit…

  • Swings, cleans, snatch, jumps, or Step-ups
  • Jerks, push-press, squat thrust, or burpee
  • kettlebell long cycle, or Cardio choice:

Do this as a circuit

Your total time is 26:15

Enjoy this fabulous conditioning anytime!