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Cardio Deck of Cards!

Let’s finish this week with a fun and challenging conditioning workout!

WE are ALL trying to stay positive during unfortunate circumstances and we appreciate your support and Training Room camaraderie!

Cardio Deck of Cards

Each suit is a different exercise.  Face cards are 10 reps, Aces 12 Reps, Jokers are burpees, squat thrusts or another low impact option…  Let’s do this!

  1. swings, snatch, or BW squats
  2. Sit Thoughs 1=1, Mt. Climbers 2=1, or Shoulder taps 2=1
  3. JR 10=100, JJs is Half of JR, or Calories
  4. Knees to chest, Bicycles 2=1, Russian twists 2=1

Here’s your AT HOME TR Workout!

Intervals: 30 work /20 rest, 40 work / 20 rest, 50 work / 20 rest

Triplet 1:

  • Jump Rope or Jumping Jacks
  • Swings or Hinge Choice 
  • Crawl or Plank

Triplet 2:

  • Run is Place 
  • Squat Thrust or Towel Whip 
  • High or Jump Pulls

Triplet 3:

  • Skaters or Lateral step 
  • High Steps or Alternate Back Lunges 
  • Crab Toe Touch or Knees to Chest

Rest 1:30 between circuits

Here’s a link to watch LIVE at 7am:


We had technical issues, so part 2 is here…