Thursday is Cardio Deck of Cards!

It’s always fun to bring out a solid Cardio Deck of Cards Workout!

You never know how the cards are stacked and it’s a great way to work the mind and body at the same time!

Here’s what it will look like..

  • HEARTS = Swings, Snatch or Bodyweight Squats
  • DIAMONDS = Sit Throughs, Mountain Climbers or Shoulder Taps (2=1
  • SPADES = Jump rope, Jumping Jacks or Calories
  • CLUBS = Knees to Chest, Bicycles or Russian Twist

JOKERS = 10 Burpees or Squat Thrusts

You will go for 30 Minutes OR until the Deck is Complete!

See you there!

HERE is the follow along video!

Have a great Thursday!