Tuesday will bring you a cardio focus with a strength option.

So far, we’ve gotten nothing but positive feedback on this new format.

Thank you for that!

It means a lot since we do put much time and effort into educating ourselves and passing the knowlege on to our members.

We feel there will be much more flexibility in the program especially for those who come on certain days of the week.

As usual, we will keep things as simple as possible because simple is ALWAYS best when it comes to health and fitness.


Ge the most out of your Training Room experience by challenging yourself each time you come in.

The challenge doesn’t mean you need to push yourself to limits each time, but to also try something new that may put you outside your comfort zone.

Change up intensities to avoid injury and overtraining.

Stay away from the movements that cause you pain (there are many substitutions).

Take advantage of our knowledge by asking questions.

Check out Training Room resources such as The Traning Room APP (can be downloaded at the app store) and our YouTube Channel which you will find both educational and entertaining.

Choose from either cardio or strength options below.

Tuesdays cardio focus will look like this….

30 Minute Conditioning AMRAP

20/16/12/8/4 or 20/15/15/5 calories or reps

  • Row
  • bike
  • ski
  • run, jump rope (200-40), or jumping jacks 100-20
  • Bulgarian Bag 20/20, 16/16, 12/12….or Squat thrusts

Strength Focus

30 Minute Strength AMRAP

  • 10 swings or DL choice
  • 10 push-ups
  • 10 cleans or high pulls
  • 10 press
  • 10 squat or split squat
  • 10 row choice
  • 10 ab choice
  • optional 10 calories

Go get em!

Have a great Tuesday!

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