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Cardio Intervals

We had a GREAT turnout at our annual Turkey Day Relay!  Thank you for all who showed up!

Good times with great people!

Friday’s Schedule is modified slightly:

  • AVON: 7am, 9am and regular evening classes
  • MANASQUAN: 9am & 5:30pm

Friday’s workout is a cardio Interval special!  Perfect for that post holiday celebration workout!

Cardio Intervals:

  • 2min on / 2min off (active recovery)
  • 1:30 on / 1:30 off
  • 1min on / 1min off
  • 30 sec on / 30 sec off

Exercises (Pick any 3):

  • Row
  • Bike
  • Ski or Sq thrusts
  • Sled
  • Kettlebell sport

Try to work to max capacity during your ON intervals so that you NEED the rest (active recovery) so you are ready for your next interval set!

A and B Video Workout!

30 second intervals for 2 rounds at each set.  5 minutes of work time.  You will have a 1 minute rest after each set.  Complete each set for a total of 3 rounds (6 total sets)!

Set A)

  • Lunge or step
  • Mt climbers or shoulder taps
  • Skaters
  • Knees to chest or bicycles
  • Jumping jacks or jump rope
  • Repeat

Set B)

  • Swings or jumps
  • Squat thrusts or towel whips
  • Drop squats
  • Half burpees or knee tucks
  • Run in place
  • Repeat

Here’s the link: