Cardio Intervals UP and DOWN

Thursday brings us to a conditioning focus at The Training Room, so let’s go up and down the interval ladder with some FUN and affective cardio intervals (circuit style)

Have you registered for ROW for HOPE yet?

If not, go HERE and commit to the challenge.

A good amount ot TR members are doing it solo, but team of 2,3,or 4 will be great also.

Remember, ALL funds raised will go to the JAG fund for brain cancer research.

If you are not participating,please consider making a donation to JAG Fund here! 

Here’s your interval ladder circuit for Thursday..

  • Row
  • Bike
  • Ski
  • Freestyle station (burpee, Bulgarian bag, Kettlebell stuff, Jump rope, mace, sled)

Here are your intervals per round.

  1. 30/15
  2. 40/20
  3. 50/25
  4. 60/30
  5. 50/25
  6. 40/20
  7. 30/15

IN case you were wondering…the total training time is 29:45.

Crush your Thursday.