Training Room Family, here is an update on the schedule this week…

Wednesday: No 6 PM class in Manasquan or 7 PM in Avon
Thursday: NO CLASSES in either gym. Turkey Day relay is at 8 AM in AVON
7 AM and 9 AM only  in Avon, 8 AM only in Manasquan

Sign up for the Turkey Day Relay HERE, it’s FREE for Members!

NO TEAM? No worries, we will find you one, so just sign up and show up!

Wednesday is Cardio or Kettlebell Intervals

We will do a 2-3 Round Warm up including mobility, bodyweight, cardio and kettlebell exercises!

For the Workout:

Pick 1 Cardio (row, bike, ski, run, steps, jump rope, etc.) or Kettlebell Sport (long cycle, snatch, cleans, etc.)


  • 1:00 Work / 1:00 Rest
  • 2:00 Work / 1:00 Rest
  • 3:00 Work / 1:00 Rest
  • 4:00 Work / 1:00 Rest
  • 3:00 Work / 1:00 Rest
  • 2:00 Work / 1:00 Rest
  • 1:00 Work / DONE!

It’s ONLY 22 Minutes Long!  So the goal is to double, triple and quadruple your meters or reps!

We may have a variation of core strength work (ab finisher) in store for you to end class with a kicker!