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Cardio or Kettlebells?

Training Room friends…

For Thursday, you can take your pick of ANY kettlebell sport movement OR ANY cardio/conditioning item.

Pick 3 things and work for 1 minute/rest for 1 minute and do a total of 15 sets (30 minutes total)

Some choices can be…
  • Rower
  • Any bike
  • Run
  • Ski
  • Jump rope
  • Sled push or pull
  • squat thrusts or burpees
  • Step ups
  • kettlebell snatch
  • kettlebell long cycle
  • kettlebell jerk
  • Any mace move

ALSO, don’t forget that we are having our Bells and Beers this Friday at the Manasquan gym.

Come have some fun with us, compete if you want, support your gym mates and friends or just come to the Salty Whale and hang out with us after. We start at 6 PM.