Cardio or Strength intervals for Wednesday…

Wednesday is technically a cardio day, but if you missed out on some strength and want to get that done, you have the choice.

Here are your intervals and rounds…

  1. 60/30
  2. 50/25
  3. 40/20
  4. 30/15

Cardio Intervals 

Circuit though the movements…

  • Row or run
  • Bike or Jump rope
  • ski or squat thrust
  • skaters or lateral step overs
  • step ups or sled push
  • Bulgarian Bag  or Rotational slam


Strength Intervals

If you choose strength intervals it will look like this…

  • Kettlebell or dumbbell row
  • Swings or deads
  • Push-up or floor press
  • banded side step
  • weighted box step
  • Ab choice

Enjoy your Wednesday!