Cardio Supersets

Cardio supersets for Tuesday!

We hope you all had a great holidday weekend.

For some of us, it’s back to work…

For others, just business as usual.

Let attack these supersets like it’s our JOB!

Ladder down on the reps and calories and alternate between each exercise for each superset

When you are finished with one superset them move on to the next one.

Please let us know if you need to sub any exercises.

20/15/10/5 Supersets

Superset 1

  • Swings
  • ski cals

Superset 2

  • Row cals: 20,15,10,5 calories
  • Kettlebell or dumbbell push press 10/10,8/8,6/6,4/4 Reps

Superset 3

  • Bike 20,15,10,5 calories
  • Jump pulls or regular/assisted pull-ups, ring rows or 1 arm rows 10,8,6,4 on each arm

Superset 4

  • Jump rope 200,150,100,50 revolutions or Jumping jacks (100,75,50,25)
  • step ups, walk lunge or reverse lunge: 10/10,8/8,6/6,4/4 Reps

Let’s get after it this week!