YES It’s cardio supersets for Friday!

If you signed up for our 12 Week  Winter Fitness Challenge, you will have until next Friday to get your fitness testing done.

Sunday will be the deadline  to register for the challenge, so if your were pondering over it…

Stop doing that and just sign up for HEALTH’S sake!

There’s NOT one thing more important then your health.

As part of the Winter Challenge, we will be adding a Sunday ROW/SKI/BIKE interval training class.

There will also be weekly challenges added to the programming along with a winter event to train for!

Let’s keep things cranking!

Stay tuned for more information on this coming up!



If you want to watch last nights talk from JD Kuper of Atlantinc Exercise Physiology, go here!

We are looking forward to seeing everyone’s improvement over the next 12 weeks.

NOW for Friday’s Cardio Supersets…
20/10 x 8 supersets
Cardio Superset 1
  • pull up , row or jump pulls
  • kneeling slam ball
Superset 2
  • Bike
  • Bike
Superset 3
  • Squat choice or Drop squats
  • Mountain climb,sliders or crawl
Superset 4
  • Rower
  • Rower
Superset 5
  • Inertia wave
  • swings or jumps
Superset 6
  • Ski erg
  • Ski erg

We will rest 1:10 between rounds

Total workout time is  29 minutes!

Need something to follow at home?

Here it is!