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Monday Challenge Day!

Let’s dive right into our second week of training on a new 4 week training cycle!

Monday is a classic Training Room Challenge Workout!

Our April- May Challenge is up on the boards in Manasquan and Avon!

You can choose to do the challenge as a finisher on strength days or if you have a little extra in your tank on conditioning days!  Each time you attempt it make an effort to beat your previous time!

Here’s Monday’s Conditioning Workout:

Following a good warm up… a little joint mobility and circuit warm up!!

Here’s your CHALLENGE…

25 Minutes AMRAP (as many rounds as possible)!

  • 500m cardio choice
  • 40 step ups or walking lunges
  • 30 mt. Climbers or 30 yards crawl
  • 20 high pull or jump pulls
  • 10 burpees 

Here’s your Monday at home Conditioning Workout:

Here’s a FUN Deck of Cards Cardio Workout for your Training at Home Option!  Always a good time!