Thursday is Challenge Day!

Remember if you plan to Sign-Up for the Warrior Challenge you can do so HERE  

Donations are also welcome as all proceeds benefit The Task Force Dagger Foundation!

We have Three 10-Minute Challenges in store for Thursday’s Workout!

Try to get as many reps or calories as possible within the 10 minutes and without sacrificing form or your safety!

Triplet Challenge 1: 
  • 10 Calories Row
  • 10 Step Ups
  • 10 Half Burpees
Triplet Challenge 2:
  • 10 Calories Ski
  • 10 High Pulls or Bird Dog
  • 10 Knees to Chest
Triplet Challenge 3:
  • 10 Calories Bike or Shuttle Runs
  • 10 Jump Pull Ups or Fast Assisted Pull Ups
  • 10 Squat Thrust, Slam Ball or Sledge Tire Hits

Work Hard!  Work Smart!  Invest in YOU!