Friday is Challenge Day!

Following your Warm-Up you will complete as many rounds of the following exercises as you can in 30 Minutes!  Keep in mind that while you want to put forth your best effort and get a good workout…  you should also choose the right weights for YOU and perform each exercise with intention!  If you need help choosing a weight, or which exercises to choose, let us know! 

30 Minutes

20 Cals Row or Run
20 Step-Ups or Walking Lunges (10 L / 10 R)
20 Cals Bike
20 Push-Press (10 L/ 10 R)
20 Cals Ski/ Squat Thrusts or Burpees
20 Cleans or Snatches (10 L/10 R)

If you are a beginner or this workout seems daunting… feel free to modify by doing 10-15 reps/ calories for each exercise!  Let us know how we can help give you a great workout experience!

Also, a reminder that 4 PM Classes in AVON start up again Tuesday after Labor Day!  

Have a great day!