Time for our Weekly Challenge Workout!

We have a bunch of NEW Members floating around the gyms so if you see someone new, feel free to say hi and make them feel comfortable!  Remember ALL workouts are scalable for YOUR level so you can go as hard, fast and heavy or as easy peasy as you like!

What you need on any given day is completely different from the person next to you.  If you’re feeling good, maybe kick it up a notch!  If you’re feeling like you barely made it to the gym, take it easy and just get the blood flowing.  We are here to give you suggestions, modifications and teach from our own experiences from MANY years of sports medicine, exercise science and training backgrounds!

Let’s go!

Get as many rounds as you can in 30 minutes (while moving safe)!

Complete the following in a CIRCUIT STYLE – increasing reps each round 

  1. Burpees (5/10/15/20) or Ski (calories 10/20/30/40)
  2. Step-ups, Lunges or Split Squats (10/20/30/40)
  3. Mountain Climbers (each leg), Crawl Yards or Sit-Throughs (15/ 30/45/60)
  4. Swings or Farmer Carry- yards (20/40/60/80)
  5. Rower, Bike or Run (250/500/750/1000)

Enjoy the Day!