Sunrise at Warrior Challenge 2019  -photo by Stacey Farrington

THANK YOU for all your support, participation, sponsorship, donations and being a part of the Warrior Challenge this past weekend.  The camaraderie between all the teams and support staff was exactly why we do what we do year in and year out!  You guys ROCK!

We raised over $50,000 to support Task Force Dagger.  Team SVS raised over $15,000 themselves!  We are floored by all of your generosity, efforts and showing up for a good cause and a great day.  You can see the Final Team Results HERE.

You can find pictures of the event on Facebook HERE and Instagram @thetrainingroom

Monday is Challenge Day!

3 x 10 Minute Challenges

Challenge 1

  • Row or run 250
  • 10 Burpees or Push Ups or Slam Ball

Challenge 2

  •  Ski 250
  • 10 Step Ups or Lunges

Challenge 3 

  • Bike 500
  • 10 snatches, Cleans or Deadlifts, or Marching Hip Bridges

Have a great start to your week!