Challenge yourself…

There’s a 30 minute challenge heading your way on Tuesday!

Speaking of challenges…

Has anyone cranked out this weeks 30/30 Erg Challenge?

It’s this weeks challenge as part of our 12 Week Winter Fitness Challenge.

  • Set up the erg (row,bike or ski) for 30 second work intervals and 30 seconds rest intervals.
  • Get the erg for calories on the monitor.
  • Do 10 intervals
  • Total calories is your score.

Drop a comment below with your score if you tried it out.

The Jersey Shore Kettlebell Championships are April 9 and you can sign up for THAT HERE!


It’s May 14 and registration will open soon!

Stay tuned here.

Also, the next beers and bells is this Friday at the Manasquan location.

Don’t forget to register and check in for class here or on the zen planner app.

Here is your 30 minute challenge for Tuesday:

Get as many rounds as you can in 30 minutes of the following movements…
  • 500 meter cardio
  • 40 yards of crawling or 40 mountain climbers
  • 30 yards of walking lunges, 30 reverse lunges or step ups
  • 20 high pulls or jump pulls
  • Ten half burpees or push-ups

Are you in need of a wonderful hamstring strech??

Of course you are!

Not many of us take the time to stretch all the important parts after class.

THAT can be something new to focus on getting better at.


Watch this!

Here’s a little something for home if you need!