Challenging your Fitness!

If you you come to and visit us frequently, then we know you’re NOT a stranger to challenging your fitness.

Thursday is a great day for a twenty five minute fitness challenge at The Training Room.

Speaking of fitness challenges, make sure to register for Warrior Challenge sooner then later.

Afterall, we ALL should set fitness goals, and Warrior Challenge is GOOD one to shoot for.

Go here to register!

We are ALWAYS looking for volunteers and sponsors as well, so feel free to put yourself on the list the next time you come into the gym.


Back to Thursdays challenge.

We will do a nice long warm-up to get ready for this one.


Get as many rounds as you can in twenty five minutes of the following items…

  • 5 half-burpees or push ups/sliding knees to chest
  • 10 body weight squats/hindu squats or goblet squats/reverse lunges
  • 15/15 mountain climbers, 15 yard crawl
  • 20 kettlebell swings/ body weight or banded hinges/jumps
  • 250 meter row, run, ski, bike (500 meters)

Have an amazing Thursday!