Changing the Pace

We will be changing the pace up at The Training Room on this conditioning focus Thursday.

Hope you’re have a great week so far!

Thursday’s TR conditioning workout will look like this:

Pick 3 different items that you would like (or maybe not) to work with.

Try to pick something that you find challenging to go outside of your comfort zone.

A few examples would be…
  • Row erg
  • Bike erg
  • Assualt bike
  • Ski erg
  • Run (assault treadmill or outside)
  • Versa Climber
  • Jump rope
  • Sled
  • Step ups

Start on item 1 and do six 1 minute intervals like this…

  • 1 minute moderate pace
  • 1 minute easy pace
  • 1 minute fast pace
  • 1 minute easy pace
  • 1 minute sprint
  • 1 minute easy pace

Repeat this sequence a total of 2 times for 12 minutes on item 1.

Take 1 minute rest and move to item 2 and do the exact same thing.

After you’re done with item 2, take 1 minute rest and move to item 3 for the same sequence.

Total work time: 36 minutes.

Have a fantastic Thursday!

Make sure to register for ROW for HOPE!

We will be doing t-shirt orders soon, so we’ll need to get everyone signed up ASAP.

 95.9 WRAT (The Rat) DJ-ing at the event, this is going to be a fun one.