Old School Conditioning

Saturday is a Training Room Classic with a descending interval circuit!

February Challenges are in FULL effect!  Let’s see what you’ve got and most importantly how much you can IMPROVE in a month’s time!

Here’s your Conditioning Circuit for Saturday:

30/25, 30/20, 25/15, 20/10×2:

  1. Swings or Jumps
  2. Mt., or sit through;
  3. Skaters
  4. JJs or JR
  5. Drop squats
  6. Crab toes or knees to chest
  7. High or jump pulls
  8. Sprint in place

The last round of 20/10 will be a superset Ex. Swings/ mt. climbers x 4… 

HOME WORKOUT & Video: Conditioning Quadruplets

30 work /15 rest x 4 rounds

Quadruplet #1

  • High pull or jumping pull ups
  • Squat press or squat thrust
  • Knees 2 chest or bicycles
  • Cardio choice

REST 2 Minutes

Quadruplet #2

  • Chair steps or smaller steps
  • Crawl or plank
  • Lateral steps or skaters
  • Cardio choice

Finish with 1 Time through each exercise 20 work /10 rest!


Here’s the follow along for home…