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Classic Kettlebell or Bodyweight Strength

Time to bring back a Training Room Classic!

Following your joint mobility and kettlebell or bodyweight warm ups we will set the clock for 30 minutes for this CLASSIC STRENGTH Workout! 

You will have the option of choosing either Kettlebell or Bodyweight exercises, OR a hybrid of the two!

30 Minutes!  Complete as many rounds as you feel that you can get in with good form and technique!  

  • 10 swings, deadlifts or supermans
  • 10 pushups
  • 10 cleans, high pulls, or hip bridges
  • 10 overhead presses or inverted press
  • 10 split squats or pistols
  • 10 kettlebell or bodyweight rows
  • 5 walkouts, powerwheels or 10 abdominal choice 
  • *Optional 10 calories, 100JR, or 50JJs

Let us know how you did!


6 Minute Strength Set

You will rest 1 minute between Sets and complete 4 total rounds

  1. Cardio Choice (run, JR, JJ, high knees, skaters, quick feet, kick but, rope flow) – 1 Minute
  2. Alternate Back Lunge – 1 Minute
  3. Push-up Plank – 1 Minute
  4. Marching hip bridge, hamstring curls, single leg static hip bridge – 1 Minute (30s/30s)
  5. Alternate Ring Rows or 1 arm rows – 1 Minute (30s/30s)
  6. Get Ups, windmills, side plank – 1 Minute (30s/30s)

Here’s our 6 Minute Strength Circuit: