A Classic Training Room Conditioning Day

Yep, Monday is a conditioning day!

Let’s hope that indoor training can open up within the next few weeks (it’s being talked about, so that’s a good start).

In the meantime, we will keep on getting after it outside!

Simple, efficient and effective training is where the magic happens!

These triplets are sure to get you moving well into Monday!


The Avon Courtyard and Manasquan Court are in full effect.

Outdoor group classes are Monday through Saturday!

If you are new or making a comback we look forward to seeing you in our outdoor space for our daily strength and conditioning classes!

JUST A REMINDER TO PLEASE Reserve your spot at the Training Room Online website or ZenPlanner Member App.


Here are your classic Training Room conditioning triplets…

You can use weight or just body weight for this.

20 seconds at each movement non-stop for 3 rounds

Rest 1 minute after each 3 minute round!

Triplet 1

  • Snatch, swing, or step (right side)
  • Snatch, swing, or step (left side)
  • Mountain climb, crawl or sit through or kettlebell push (sled)

Triplet 2

  • High pull, clean, or broad jump
  • Squat press
  • Jumping jacks, ropes, skips, stationary sprint/wall sprint etc)

Triplet 3

  • Air or Drop squat
  • 1/2 burpee, push-up, or knee tuck (sliders/plates)
  • Abs (your choice)

Here’s a link to the workout video.