Let’s Get Some High Octane Conditioning!

YEP! Wednesday is a conditioning day ALRIGHT!

Let’s push ourselves a bit and see how we do.


We are still offering punch card specials for those who want to drop in occasionally or give us a try and don’t want to commit (but you should)

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High Octane Conditioning

You can do everything with just Bodyweight or if you have a Kettlebell or Dumbell you can add a little weight.  Best to choose a lighter weight on conditioning days to get the heart rate up without totally crushing yourself!

Here’s what we’ve got for you Wednesday!

45 seconds of work 15 seconds of rest x 3 rounds of FUN!

  • Cardio choice
  • swings
  • cardio choice
  • squat thrusts or squat press
  • cardio choice
  • skaters or other lateral movements
  • Cardio choice
  • High or Jump pulls
  • cardio choice
  • Bicycles, crab toes, sliding/ mountain climbers or sit through

Have a an awesome day.

Video below!