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Conditioning Challenge Day

Let’s set the tone for Tuesday with a Conditioning Challenge!

Stay Strong and Stay Focused!

If you are struggling with any type of injury we know how frustrating that can be!  If you would like some help with learning how to move better to avoid injuries due to overuse or mechanics let us know.

We stand by being “The Next Wave of Fitness” at The Training Room and we have the experience and knowledge to show you how to avoid and recover from these types of injuries.  Make small changes to the way you move and you will feel better and perform better too.  We like to keep things simple.

Tuesday’s Conditioning Challenge Workout is designed to use with minimal equipment or all bodyweight.  We like these options if you are limited with time, space and finances.  And what better way to learn how to use your own body for a great workout!  That being said, we do have cardio equipment options for those who have been dearly missing out on the rower, bike, ski options!

Let’s Goooo…

Tuesday’s Training Room Conditioning Challenge:

25min AMRAP

  • 250 run, row, or 125 JR, or 60 JJ’s
  • 20 Swings, broad jumps, light deads
  • 250m
  • 20 high box step-ups, or 20 walk lunges(hands behind head)
  • 250m
  • 20 skaters or Lateral step overs
  • 250m
  • 20mt. climbers(each leg) or 20yd crawl

Let’s have a great day!

Drop your comments below and let us know if you need help with ANYTHING!

Here’s the follow along video for those who can’t make it to the gym!