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Conditioning Couplets

Hey Training Room family!

Alicia will start her 6 week mobility program this Saturday 9/15 at the Manasquan gym.

She will teach you things that will help you move and feel better.

When you move and feel better, everything you do will be better including your Training Room workouts and the activities you love.

ALL levels are welcome!
Training Room members can join the 6 week program for $60 or just drop in for $15.

Wednesday is a conditioning day and you’re going to LOVE this one!

30 seonds of work / 15 seconds of rest  x 4 rounds for a total of 4 minutes at each couplet.

We will rest 2 minutes rest between couplets and do 2 sets

Conditioning Couplet 1 (4 rounds of 30/15)

  • jump-pulls or high-pulls
  • Bike

Rest 2 minutes

Conditioning Couplet 2  (4 rounds of 30/15)

  • rower
  • wall ball or medicine ball squat press (AKA thruster)

Rest 2 minutes

Conditioning Couplet 3  (4 rounds of 30/15)

  • Run, jump rope, or jumping jacks
  • bullwhip, intertia wave, slam, or sledge hits

Rest 2 minutes

Repeat this again!