Conditioning Couplets

Tuesday is a conditioning day and we’ve got some very effective conditioning couplets lined up for you,

Training Room Conditioning Couplets for the WIN!

Thirty seconds of work with fifteen seconds of rest for 4 rounds of each couplet (4 minutes total)

We will rest for 1:30 between each 4 round couplet.

Couplet 1: 4 rounds of 30/15

  • jump-pulls or high-pulls
  • Bike sprints

Couplet 2: 4 rounds of 30/15

  • rower
  • wall ball or squat press

Couplet 3: 4 rounds of 30/15

  • Run, Jump rope or jumping jacks
  • bullwhip, slam, or sledge hits, mace swings, jump-less jump rope


Have a great Tuesday!

Don’t forget about beach training that starts up this Sunday!

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