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Conditioning Couplets

Wednesday is a great conditioning couplet workout!  We are starting to add in stations to our training (for those who are new, we used to do stations regularly).  You still have the option to remain completely stationary during all of our workouts!

15 work / 15 rest x 10 rounds (20 total sets at each couplet)

Push yourself to work at a “Non-Conversational Pace” during your work time so that you will need a few seconds to recover before the next exercise!

Rest 2 Minutes between couplets

Couplets 1:

  • Bike or JJ’s 
  • Jump or fast assisted pull ups, high pulls 

Couplet 2:

  • Run, Jump Rope,  Quick Step, Quick Feet or Taps
  • Inertia Wave or Slamball

Couple 3:

  • Ski or Squat Thrusts
  • Broard Jump or Swings or Air Squats

Working out at home?  This one’s for YOU!

10 min non-stop Conditioning Circuit:

  1. Jump-pull or High Pull
  2. Mountain Climbers or or Crawl
  3. Lateral steps or skaters
  4. Abdominal twist, side bend or med ball twist
  5. Jump rope or Jumping jacks or Rope Flow
  6. Air squat
  7. Bicycles or knee ups
  8. Slam ball, or squat thrust or squat press
  9. High box step-ups (or low) or alternate back lunges
  10. Cardio Choice (high knees, kick buts…)

Here’s the follow along video!