Conditioning Couplets!

Saturday’s workout is descending interval conditioning couplets.

Each round you have to work just a little bit harder with less work time AND less rest time!

These couplets will leave you feeling READY for the rest of the weekend!

Let’s have a great workout and a great start to the day!  Remember, if you need help with anything we are here for you!  

Cardio Couplets:

  • Rd 1. 30w/ 30w/ 30r
  • Rd 2. 25w/ 25w/ 25r
  • Rd 3. 20w/ 20w/ 20r
  • Rd 4. 15w/ 15w /15r

1 min rest between circuits:

Couplet 1)

  • Jump,or High pull 
  • Dumbell, Kettlebell, or Medicine ball thruster (squat press)

Couplet 2)

  • Air sq /
  • 1/2 burps or shldr taps:

Couplet 3)

  • Pick a cardio (easy)
  • same cardio (sprint)

Couplet 4)

  • Swings or broad or standing jumps
  • Slam ball, sq thrust. or mt. climbers

Couplet 5)

  •  Lat hops or steps /
  • Knees to chest or bicycles:

Couplet 6)

  • Pick a cardio ( easy)
  • Same cardio (sprint)

Whew… Those are going to be some AWESOME Couplets!!  We can’t wait!

Below is the workout option if you are watch videos at home:  

Conditioning Intervals with Maximum Effort

4 Rounds:

30 seconds Work at Max Effort
30 seconds Active Recovery (rope flow, jog, marching…)

Here is the Circuit:
  • Jump Rope or Jumping Jacks
  • Mountain Climbers (use sliders, paper plates or frizbees), Crawl or Shoulder Taps
  • Shuttle Run or Run in Place (Pegs)
  • Swings, Broad Jump, or Deadlifts (light weight or bands)
  • Towel Whips or Squat Thrusts
  • Skaters, Lateral Steps or Karaoke (sideways Steve)

1:30 Rest between Rounds 

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Here’s the follow along video for MAX EFFORT Conditioning: