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Conditioning Couplets

Tuesday brings us some solid conditioning couplets!  We can’t wait to put some effort, speed and intensity into these sets!

We have a super special Thanksgiving Day event this year!  Training Room Triathlon: Solo or Partner Row, Bike, Ski for calories!  Make sure you name is on Milkman’s clipboard!

30/15×10 couplets:

Couplet 1.

  • Bullwhip 
  • Standing jumps

Couplet 2.

  • Shuttle run or quick step-ups 
  • Crawl or plank

Couplet 3.

  • Lateral step or agility ladder 
  • Sit troughs, crab toes, or bicycles

Couplet 4.

  • JR, JJs, or bike 
  • Jump-pulls or fast assisted pull ups
Here is a classic HOME video that is always a great workout!

Conditioning Intervals with Maximum Effort

4 Rounds – 30 seconds Work at Max Effort/ 30 seconds Active Recovery

Here is the Circuit:

  • Jump Rope or Jumping Jacks
  • Mountain Climbers (use sliders, paper plates or frizbees), Crawl or Shoulder Taps
  • Shuttle Run or Run in Place (Pegs)
  • Swings, Broad Jump, or Deadlifts (light weight or bands)
  • Towel Whips or Squat Thrusts
  • Skaters, Lateral Steps or Karaoke (sideways Steve)

1:30 Rest between Rounds

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tHere’s the follow along video for MAX EFFORT Conditioning: