Friday’s Maximum Effort Conditioning Intervals

We are in week 3 of our HOME Workouts and it’s conditioning day!

It sure has been a ride and we are thankful to have you with us and for all of your support.

The Training Room Online Workouts are adapted for skills, experience and using minimal to no equipment.

Our YouTube LIVE VIDEOS are now designed to show you variations and options for each workout.  If you are watching the videos, we have started demonstrating different options that you can incorporate at home.

Friday’s workout is a fantastic way to train without putting too much stress on your joints and soft tissue.  I see all of your runners out there!

Try to keep things as low impact as possible and always remember to listen to your body. It’s always fun and games until you injure yourself.

Cross training keeps your endurance up and your body free from overuse injuries.  We want to keep you healthy!

Conditioning Intervals can be done with just a small space and little to no equipment.  You have the option to use a lightweight kettlebell and a beach towel.

Let’s have some FUN!

Conditioning Intervals with Maximum Effort

4 Rounds:

30 seconds Work at Max Effort
30 seconds Active Recovery (rope flow, jog, marching…)

Here is the Circuit:
  • Jump Rope or Jumping Jacks
  • Mountain Climbers (use sliders, paper plates or frizbees), Crawl or Shoulder Taps
  • Shuttle Run or Run in Place (Pegs)
  • Swings, Broad Jump, or Deadlifts (light weight or bands)
  • Towel Whips or Squat Thrusts
  • Skaters, Lateral Steps or Karaoke (sideways Steve)

1:30 Rest between Rounds 


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