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Conditioning Intervals

Friday’s workout is a cardio Interval special!  Perfect way to kick off this holiday weekend!  

There will be no classes on Saturday.  Stay tuned for updates via email or push notifications about any additional class schedule changes.

Friday’s Conditioning Intervals:

  • 2min on / 2min off (active recovery)
  • 1:30 on / 1:30 off
  • 1min on / 1min off
  • 30 sec on / 30 sec off

Exercises (Pick any 3):

  • Row
  • Bike
  • Ski or Sq thrusts
  • Sled
  • Kettlebell sport

Try to work to max capacity during your ON intervals so that you NEED the rest (active recovery) so you are ready for your next interval set!

A and B Video Workout!

30 second intervals for 2 rounds at each set.  5 minutes of work time.  You will have a 1 minute rest after each set.  Complete each set for a total of 3 rounds (6 total sets)!

Set A)

  • Lunge or step
  • Mt climbers or shoulder taps
  • Skaters
  • Knees to chest or bicycles
  • Jumping jacks or jump rope
  • Repeat

Set B)

  • Swings or jumps
  • Squat thrusts or towel whips
  • Drop squats
  • Half burpees or knee tucks
  • Run in place
  • Repeat

Here’s the link: