It’s a twenty ten conditioning mash up for Friday at The Training Room!

This twenty ten conditioning mash up is exactly what you want to do!

Each station will be executed for 4 minutes, and there will be 6 total stations…

FYI, this one will help us prep for the upcoming ergathlon on February 18th.

We will perform the stationary circuit between each erg circuit.

There will be a 2 minute rest between each station.

Station 1

The first station will be an 8 exercise stationary conditioning circuit…

20/10 x 1 round

  • Swing or Jumps
  • 1/2 burps or knee tucks
  • Twist choice
  • Jumping jacks
  • Drop squats
  • sit throughs or Mountain climbers
  • High pulls
  • Sprint in place
Station 2
  • Row 20/10 x 8
Station 3
  • DO the stationary circuit again
Station 4
  • Bike 20/10 x 8
Station 5
  • DO the stationary circuit.
Station 6
  • Ski 20/10 x 8 

Lets GO!!

Have an amazing weekend!