1 Minute Conditioning Sets with a lot of options!

Training Room Family!  We hope your week is off to a good start. Tuesday’s workout will be sure to get you moving and feeling your best!

The Training Room has been open since 1999 nearly EVERYDAY (until recent events which unfortunately are not under our control) and we are still creating NEW workouts to help each other get better, stronger and have a little fun!

Let’s see what we have for our Conditioning Workout on Tuesday:

  1. You will go 1 Minute of Work with 15 Seconds of Rest
  2. Each Minute of Work is broken up into two 30 Second exercises
  3. You will alternate between 30 Seconds of Cardio Choice & 30 Seconds of a Bodyweight Exercise!

Your Cardio Choices could be any or ALL of the following: rope flow, jump rope, steps, run in place, high knees, kick but, small skaters, marching, skipping, jumping jacks, shuttle run if you have space,…

Below is your 1 Minute Conditioning Sets with bodyweight, bells, bands, sliders, towels, rings or medicine balls.  Keep it simple, have some fun and get in a good sweat!

  • 30 sec cardio / 30 sec bodyweight squats
  • 15 sec rest
  • 30 sec cardio / 30 sec mountain climbers
  • 15 sec rest
  • 30 sec cardio / 30 sec swings or broad jumps
  • 15 sec rest
  • 30 sec cardio / 30 sec slam ball or towel whip
  • 15 sec rest
  • 30 sec cardio / 30 sec high pull or jump pulls

Rest 1 Minutes between rounds.  Repeat for a total of 5 rounds.  

Workout with us Tuesday HERE: