Conditioning Supersets

It’s a great day for Conditioning Supersets!

Get your names on the board for our Static Straight Arm Hang & Concept 2 Bike 1000m Challenges! 

You can always make improvements in the next couple weeks.  It’s nice to have a baseline and a small GOAL to work on improving!

A little healthy competition with TR Members can push you just a little bit more than you  might push yourself!

Friday’s Workout is… 

30 seconds work /30 seconds easy cardio x 10 Supersets!

Superset 1.

  • Air or drop squat 
  • slam, sledge, inertia wave

Superset 2.

  • Swing, clean, snatch, standing jump
  • push-press, or squat thrust

Superset 3.

  • Run, row, bike
  • Mt. Climb, crawl, Bulgarian bag rotational


Here’s one of our FAVORITE home conditioning workouts!

Below is your 1 Minute Conditioning Sets with bodyweight, bells, bands, sliders, towels, rings or medicine balls.  Keep it simple, have some fun and get in a good sweat!

  • 30 sec cardio / 30 sec bodyweight squats
  • 15 sec rest
  • 30 sec cardio / 30 sec mountain climbers
  • 15 sec rest
  • 30 sec cardio / 30 sec swings or broad jumps
  • 15 sec rest
  • 30 sec cardio / 30 sec slam ball or towel whip
  • 15 sec rest
  • 30 sec cardio / 30 sec high pull or jump pulls

Rest 1 Minutes between rounds.  Repeat for a total of 5 rounds.