Conditioning Supersets

Let’s kick off a new week and a new 4 week training cycle with these Conditioning Supersets!

We have a FULL Events Calendar for October starting with Beers & Bells (Wine & Weights, and many more…) on October 1st in Manasquan!  This will be the Season Opener and Milkman is PSYCHED to have you there, whether you are competing, cheering each other on or just enjoying in the camaraderie!

Conditioning Supersets

40 work / 20 rest x 5 rounds each Superset:

Superset # 1.

  • ski
  • swings

Superset #2 .

  • Row or Run
  • slam ball, sledge hammer, inertia wave

Superset #3.

  • Bike
  • mountain climbers, crawl or bulgarian bag 

You *might* have time for a Bonus Round….

Here’s a Classic Conditioning Video Workout compliments of the Pandemic 2020… You are Welcome!  And THANK YOU for keeping us afloat during all of the crazy times!