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Conditioning Triplets for Thursday!

Thursday is a new day and a new opportunity to do your best in everything that you set out to accomplish!

Triplet Conditioning: 3 Exercises at a time… doesn’t seem too daunting!  ANYONE can do this!

Advanced or seasoned workout folks… it’s time to RAMP UP the intensity!

Remember to always ask questions if you are unsure what exercises to choose.  We are here to help and give you the best and safest workouts we can.  Let us know if you want to work on anything specific.

Collectively, The Training Room has at LOT experience and knowledge that we like to share, which at times is difficult in a group setting.  Let us know if you might be interested in any personal or small group training to learn some new things and improve upon what you are already doing!

Triplet Conditioning Circuit:

30 sec. work/15 sec. rest x 4 rounds:

Triplet 1:

  • Clean Squat or Bodyweight Squat
  •  Mt. Climb or crawl
  • JJs or star jumps

Triplet 2:

  • Swings or broad jump
  • 1/2 burp or knee tuck
  • Run in place

Triplet 3:

  • Skate or lateral squat
  • Squat thrust or squat press
  • Jump rope or quick steps

Thursday’s Workout HERE: